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Sometimes the trouble with following your passion is that there are things that come with it that you aren’t quite as passionate about… like running an actual business. You want to be out there working with families, but maybe you’re stuck on branding, marketing, and just getting your message out there. You need someone to support you. That’s where I come in!


Hi! I’m Rebecca

I’m a creator, an idea gal, a helper and a total business nerd. Honestly… on any given Saturday night you can find me on my couch, with a glass of wine, creating and developing systems that make life easier.

As a PPD warrior, I’m also obsessed with maternal mental health.

I decided to combine my love for creating things + my passion for business + my burning desire to create change and turn it into support for the true difference makers. You. The Doula.

The honest truth is that I want to help you succeed. That means whatever you need to run a successful business, I’ve got your back. You get out there and support those families, and I’ll be over here creating whatever you need to be the difference maker that you are. Deal?

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“I am using the Doula Instagram Planning calendar and it has me so excited about being scheduled and intentional about my social media posts. I have gotten so much more productive now that I have s structure to follow! Thank you! Christian M. Di Nixi Doula

The Doula Toolbox has essentially been my Instagram Guru for a few months now. Rebecca is full of insightful tips and tricks to help appeal to our target audience. Beyond that she makes sure to keep you accountable and is there to help with all kinds of business and social media frustrations. I can’t say enough great things about The Doula Toolbox!” Lauren M. Mama Miller Doula

We are so grateful for everything we learned from Rebecca at her Ultimate Instagram Planning Workshop for Doulas! Her Instagram planner is an invaluable resource, and her passion and knowledge for social media kept us all engaged and interested in the content. We can’t wait to host a future workshop with Rebecca!Amanda S. – Founder of Doulas Inc.

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