I want to let you in on a little hack that has seriously been one of the best things I have done for myself and my business. I learned how to schedule my time, create theme days and batch create content. It’s been a process (that I’m still refining) but it has truly been a game changer. So, what do I mean by batch creating content? Well before we get into the ‘how’, let’s chat a bit about the ‘what’ first.

Putting out consistent content helps you show up in people’s feeds and on search engines. It helps your followers and potential clients see your dedication to your biz. It also pleases that ever-so-finicky algorithm.

Oh boy… I’m feeling your vibe right now and I get you. The last thing we want to do is be held captive by things like an algorithm, am I right? First, I want to see if we can switch up our mindset. Let’s find gratitude for the opportunity to reach people we otherwise wouldn’t be able to without social media. From there we’ll get into a few simple tips on starting a new habit of batch creating your content so that it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. Deal?


Up until about 6 months ago, I had a ‘bad’ relationship with social media. I felt tied to it and lamented that it took so much work to get noticed; frustrated by the few likes and comments I would get on my posts despite all of the effort I was putting in. It was time for a change and a new strategy. This included embracing this new way of marketing and being grateful for the one person my message may reach.

My focus became creating relationships, building a community, being relatable and sharing information freely. Instead of thinking I have to post, I started thinking I get to post. I get to post and see if I can teach something, send encouragement, spark change or light someone else’s fire.

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. ~ Wayne Dyer

Doesn’t that sound amazing? When I focus on helping and serving, pleasing that algorithm becomes a welcome challenge! Let’s dive into those tips for getting ahead of the game.


Batch creating for me means setting aside particular days in my month to create oodles of content. I can then drip that content out over the period of a month or more.You can do this for anything in your business that you need to create content for such as blogs, Facebook posts, Instagram posts and so on. I this blog, I am using Instagram as my ‘batch creating’ example.

One to two full days each month for me is dedicated to planning my Instagram feed. I plan my posts based on what is happening in my business and then I start to create the posts including captions and images (you’ll find my entire process below).

This might look different from one person to the next as it will depend on what your main focus for marketing your business is. I often suggest focusing on 1-2 platforms at a time. Once you master those to a point that it doesn’t feel overwhelming, you can add another.


Planning out your Instagram a month in advance (or more if you’re really keen) helps you to maintain consistency and post according to a schedule. This is how I do mine:

Batch creating my Instagram content has allowed me to be consistent and create momentum in my business. I’m no longer spending time thinking of what to post. I can post and then engage with my followers, which is where the real magic happens.


So listen, just because it’s all laid out in just a few bullet points here doesn’t mean that it’s not work. Any which way you choose to market your business will take time and dedication.

I really had to spend time getting clear on what I wanted to share and how I wanted to convey my message. It’s not about whipping up a week’s worth of captions or 3 blogs in a day just to get it done. I write and share with intention, knowing what I want my followers to get out of it. My messages are coming from the purest place of wanting to help and serve. I want every piece of content I create to feel genuine and authentic.

Try to change your focus from “ugh, I have to get something up” to “who can I help with my message”. I promise you’ll be on your way to marketing success. At the end of the day, batch creating content helps me stay consistent, focused and organized. I hope that you can take some ideas from here and start your own content creating system.

If you’re thinking batch creating could be your jam the {free} 30-Day Instagram Content Calendar for Doulas is a great place to start.

You’ve got this, DoulaBoss! Xo

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