Let’s talk about using video in your business. This might mean Facebook lives, maybe it’s vlogging, maybe it’s IG stories or IGTV. Maybe it’s all of the above you go-getter, you.

For many of us it means more to do and if we’re being honest here, it might mean a little bit of anxiety.

Showing up in any type of video can feel a little stressful. Our minds often take over before we even give it a chance. I don’t look good enough. What if I mess up? What if no one watches it. What if lots of people watch it? What if people don’t agree with what I’m saying?

There are SO many excuses to not do it. Trust me, they still come up for me every single time! There are just as many reasons (or more) why you should do it. Let’s go over just a couple of benefits on the marketing side of why you should consider hitting that “GO LIVE” button a little more often and then we’ll dive into a few ideas to get you started.

It helps to humanize you! Your interaction with clients is pretty personal. Showing up in video helps potential clients get a feel for you and what you’re like IRL. It also nurtures ‘know’ & ‘like’ in the know/like/trust factor, which is the bread and butter of your marketing efforts.

It feels more conversational. Have you ever watched a video and felt like the person was talking to you directly? That’s because they are probably imagining that they are. You’ll often hear that you should present your content in a way that feels like you are chatting with a friend over a coffee. You can definitely do that with the written word, but it takes it to another level when you can make ‘eye contact’ with the person you are speaking to.

Google will love you! If you create video content that can live on your website, guess what? This type of content helps people to stay on your website longer, and do you know what that does? It signals google that people like hanging out on your site and therefore moves you up the ranks in the search engine.

Ok, now let’s take a deep breath and make a plan (and maybe even a commitment?). I want you to consider showing up in your Instagram stories to start. There is nothing you have to do to prepare for this, except to maybe have a general idea of what you want to say. The good thing about staring with IG stories is that you can record and delete if you ‘mess up’, however, try not to get into the habit of making it perfect. If you keep deleting and re-recording, you could end up taking way longer than just popping on for a quick story… ask me how I know!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1.) Do quick behind-the-scenes of you in action. Perhaps on your way to a pre or postnatal visit, you can take a few minutes to dig through your doula bag and show what your go-to’s are for your meetings. What kinds of things will you be doing at your visit? Remember, many people are still learning about doulas do and the more you can show up and close the gap of misunderstanding, the more mainstream doula-care will become. **If you are showing any client interaction, please be sure you have your client’s permission to share.

2.) Do a BOOK/RESOURCE/PRODUCT review. The possibilities are endless here! Take one of the books you have read for your certification and choose 3 main points to share and talk about. Pick a product or resource that you have experience with (it doesn’t have to be doula related, any product that a new parent may be using) and review it! Maybe you can even strike up a relationship with a local baby store to go in and review products carried there.

3.) Invite OTHER PROFESSIONALS in your area with the same ideal client as you (such as birth photographers, pre & postnatal fitness/yoga instructors just to name a few) to either take over your IG stories for a day or arrange for them to join an IG live. This has multiple benefits. You are serving your audience with more information and/or tips that they don’t have to go looking for, it gives your guest exposure to your audience and you the opportunity to the same on their IG stories which gives you exposure to their audience. #communityovercompetition right?

Two more tips! (because I just can’t stop myself)

TIP #1 If you are still feeling a bit hesitant about using video (especially live video) in your marketing strategy, but want to get there… a great way to get comfortable is to start practicing with friends behind the scenes. There is a super fun app called Marco Polo which is a video chat app. This helps you to get comfortable just chatting causally with friends so that when you transition to your live videos, it can feel like you are just popping on and chatting with a friend!

TIP #2 I learned this one from my friend Laurie Joy (the Mojo Mama!) – when you do a Facebook live, take a post it and cover the little part that shows how many people are watching, as well as the comments. I get super distracted when I see notifications while I’m talking and instantly nervous (like, I get red-blotchy-hives-on-my-neck type of nervous) and covering these two things help me to relax and keep the conversation casual.

You are amazing and people need to hear from you. Written content definitely has its place, but there are also SO many reasons to start adding video content. As with anything my friend, if you choose to add this to your marketing strategy, go slow 🙂 Avoid putting pressure on yourself to get it perfect and commit to what is realistic for you.

Tell me, are you into video? Or does the thought of it make you want to run and hide?

Oh hey, one last thing… if you’re feeling a bit stuck and need some IG inspiration, I recommend grabbing the Doula Love Instagram Bundle! I loaded it with content suggestions, caption ideas and even some pre-made posts! Enjoy! Xx

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