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I feel like I’m being a little bit selfish..Honestly…I know today is an exciting day, launching a podcast but I need to tell you WHY.One of the most pivotal moments in my motherhood journey was when I felt SO alone breastfeeding in Rockie’s room, just feeling like I was SO overwhelmed and couldn’t do it all…I was also frustrated that I didn’t seem to have the time I wanted to work on my business or…that was my perception.I’ve been doing videos to help moms live calm lives since January now and now that I am pregnant (due in November) I keep thinking that there WILL be days where I will have a baby attached to my boobs and my hair will be greasy AND on those days…I don’t want to do a video. SOOOO yes, in part it is selfish that I decided to switch to podcasts because of this BUT I also choose to believe that a bunch of other moms must feel the same way and so enter a more effective strategy to deliver content to you to help you create a calm life and business that you love.In the 1st podcast today:

  • you’ll get a welcome introduction + what this podcast is ALL about
  • get a great time management strategy that you can start implementing today!

I know you’re going to love this episode mama!

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