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THE story OF HOW…


to be honest, this was kind of an accident…

a really happy accident. serendipitous if you will. you see, rebecca didn’t even know what a doula was until 2 years after her twins were born. so how on earth did she end up serving doulas and where the heck did tasha come from? so glad you asked…


{discovered by chance in a happy or beneficial way}

 Remember how I mentioned that this was kind of an accident?

Postpartum hit me hard and I was angry. Why did everyone just laugh and say “oh you just wait” when I was expecting twins? Where were the offers for help? Where were the tips for recovery? I talk about this a bit more over on the Meet Rebecca page, but I had to mention this here because it’s truly how it all started. I wanted to do something about the lack of attention and care that new moms were getting.

I got to work and started creating resources for new moms.

And honestly, I thought they would fly off the proverbial shelves. What new parent wouldn’t want to set themselves up for postpartum success?

As it turns out, there were LOADS of people weren’t interested in setting themselves up for success. Here’s what I learned (the hard way). New parents aren’t super interested in learning from other parents. The most popular objection being: Oh no, we’ve got things under control. This baby is going to fit into our lives.

OK. 😳

I was feeling frustrated. I wanted to make a difference so badly. I didn’t want people to suffer the way I had, or have long lasting effects like I do. But I was missing the little shining light in all of this. And that was you, the doula.

Doulas kept showing up. Commenting. Encouraging. Sharing.

One day (driving to the Norfolk County Fair), my mom shone that light a little brighter. Well, she said, if it’s doulas who are interested in your resources and planner, why don’t you work with doulas to get your message out there?

Mic drop. Man, moms are just so smart.

I got to work serving the doula community and wow, did things go quickly. It turns out we really needed each other.

All of a sudden I was combining my passion for creating change in the pre and postnatal world with my natural secret sauce (and years of experience) of marketing and business strategy. The universe seemed to liked this because before I knew it, a one Miss Tasha Robitaille was all of a sudden in my DMs.

What started by simply chatting all things biz. We followed the same people and figured out that we were actually in a Facebook community for students of Amy Porterfield together. We connected quickly, followed each other’s businesses and launches and ultimately realized that we could create massive change in the doula community (for starters, Tasha IS a doula) and the pre and postnatal world if we joined forces. So we did, and here we are!

Phew, what a ride!

the 3 main things you need to know about us

We Are Creators.

Scrapbooking, upcycling – you name it! Between the both of us many handmade gifts could be made and we apply the same artistic love to our digital content and handmade #doulalifeplanners.



We Are Idea Gals.

We love serving and listening to our community. This means that we hear you, we see you, we want to help you overcome your challenges and accomplish your goals and brainstorm daily to make this happen!


We are Business Nerds.

We love learning and being the guinea pigs for you in all things networking and marketing online and in person. We are dedicated to learn the specific biz thangz that you need to help you create a life and biz that you love.


Ready to grow your business and impact?