About ME



Wondering how I went from an overwhelmed & anxious “I got it all together girl” to helping doulas create calm lives that they love?

Before there was a Doula certification…
​Before there was a Business Strategist…
There was a corporate “I got it all together” girl...
Desperate to create more impact but never feeling satisfied.

Scared to really take the leap and build her business no matter how many times she told herself to ​believe in the impact she would make.

Some Crafts, Heartbreaks, Travels and a Couple Bumps Along The Way, The Story Sums Up Like This…

If you asked me what I wanted to be when I was a child it was a teacher – in highschool it was a paediatrician, in university it was a philanthropist and now…I like to stick to my purpose instead, which is to help doulas create and live calm lives and businesses that they love. I really feel like this gives me flexibility for all the joy that life can bring. What has landed me here today is a little bit of an interesting story…

I definitely feel like I’m a recovering people pleaser and the reason why that is important is because I cannot really determine, throughout my childhood, which dreams I pursued were influenced by friends and family or my true passions.

I knew that it was important to do well in school, learn as much as possible, be kind, help others, have a good job (get those benefits) and start thinking about having your own home and family – anyone else? I felt like I had done ALL of that (besides the home and family) when I was sitting in my corporate office in Victoria BC working for communities that didn’t quite feel like my own.


I felt disconnected…started to feel like the 9-5 life was not for me and felt overworked, stressed, unhealthy and angry because I had done everything in school and life that I thought I had to do to NOT feel this way…and I still felt unfulfilled.

In my quarter life crisis years…(ha…) I was in SEARCH mode – I felt pulled to be the professional and expand my dreams as an entrepreneur but also…live my life by the lake. I left the corporate world, I left the boy, moved provinces, quit my job, moved countries, started getting trained as a wellness coach, lost a 40lbs heartache, came back, got a dog, met THE boy (and his dog), bought a house, had a beautiful kick ass rockstar baby girl, worked as a counsellor but still felt pulled to be the professional and the entrepreneur and live a calm life as I transitioned into motherhood.

Boy was I confused…overwhelmed, totally unsure how to harmonize all of that and evolve into the new me as a mother…what the heck? Enter my Doula role where I work with women that feel that exact same pull in life and work.

I have taken everything I have learned over the past 10 years of my life working as a Socio-Economic Technical Lead, Environmental Professional, Community Development Consultant, Project Manager, Wellness Coach, Business and Leadership Coach, Employment Counsellor and Maternal Support Practitioner and channeled it into my current role as a Doula and Doula Business Strategist.

With a little bit of sparkle and LOTS of love, I promise to continue to help you harmonize your life and business to create the impact that you’re after. xo


the inside scoop…

Together we learn, love, dream and balance each other out perfectly ~ he’s got the skull tattoos and I have the planner and geeky office supplies. Yes we knew each other in high school but it only became the story it is today because we met again over a decade later bonding over the best dog treats to buy for our puppies and after a short 3 months we bought a house, quickly built our family and had a beautiful kick ass rockstar baby girl (Rockie), moved and bought another house, lost a baby, had another beautiful bright and shining star girl (Nova) and continue to live our family adventure each and every day.

A wise woman (AKA Granny) once told me that if I ever have the choice between dancing and sitting…that I should always choose to dance. I live my life with this passion daily.

My darlings…I miss them when I hold them…I just want to give them the world and they have taught me that the world is simply love. Love more than you did yesterday and less than you will tomorrow and you will truly know what it is like to live. xo


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