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Where Are You on Your Doula Path?


In Training or Brand-Sparkling New

You’re excited, ready to support and make a difference in the lives of birthing people and their families.

You’re working on getting your name out there and becoming known for what you do but you’re just not sure where to start…

How to I find clients? Do I do Facebook or Instagram? What the heck is SEO anyway?

Recommended Programs: The Doula Biz Success Plan, DTB Mini-Course Colelction, DoulaBoss Lite, Doula Business Mentorship

You're Ready & Starting to Build

You are committed to building the foundation for your business and how you want it to look.

You know you want this to be your full time gig without having to have a side income so you are looking for ways to attract clients and build your reputation.

Recommended Programs: The Doula Biz Success Plan, DTB Mini-Course Collection, DoulaBoss Lite, Doula Mentorship

You're Doula Biz is Growing

You have been working so hard and you are now able focus on your business full time. You still have room for growth and dream of being fully booked with amazing clients.

You still struggle with marketing and getting the word out about your amazing services.

Recommended Programs: DTB Mini-Course Collection, DoulaBoss Society, Doula Mentorship

You're Rocking it & Ready to Scale

You having a thriving doula business and have been able to serve some amazing clients and maintain a great work-life balance.

You have achieved financial stability, savings and you experience all you want to in life. 

You are now exploring new business opportunities and thinking BIG. Training, mentoring, bringing on staff… the sky is the limit.

Receommended Programs: DTB Mini-Course Collection, Become a Doula Mentor

The Doula Biz Success Plan

Next Course Date: TBA

A 4-Week Business Building Experience That Gives You an Implementable Strategy to Get Your Doula Biz on The Map Without The Frustration of Trying to Figure it All Out on Your Own


Discover your WHY and your core values. Create your ultimate vision and craft your dream doula business plan.


Create your website blueprint. Map out your online and in person marketing strategy and put your biz tools in place.


Identify your job description and business operations. Learn how to manage and make the most of your business building efforts.


Networking. Engaging and connection with your ideal client. Creating opportunity for recurring revenue. Rinse and repeat.

a library of business-building tools {plus a monthly dose of coaching} at your fingertips.

DoulaBoss Lite

Sometimes you just need a little snap-shot of info to take and implement into your biz. From Pinterest, to financial tips, to email lists and hashtags from industry experts. The DoulaBoss Library is loaded with new content on a monthly basis, includes a Facebook community with weekly prompts and a monthly LIVE coaching Q/A to answer all of your burning questions and last, but not least, quarterly challenges to keep your business moving forward.

All for less than the price of your monthly Disney+ subscription. DoulaBoss Lite is a perfect collection of curated knowledge to help you grow your biz.


After falling pregnant, I felt a bit stuck – wondering if I’d have to give up being
a doula until my children were a bit older. But instead I found the answer in DoulaBoss Society. I don’t have to give up my dreams, instead I can change my business to work with more families on a time schedule that works better for my own.

Jac G

Coaching keeps me focused on
my mission. It provides me with perspective and keeps me grounded in my desire to remain professional while providing personalized services.

Sheryl C

I was trying to do everything, instead of focusing on the one or two things that spark my light in this moment. Through coaching in DBS and the guidance and encouragement of my fellow Doula bosses in the DBS community I came to the realization that my main focus and goal right now is my virutal birth work.

Aleks P

an exclusive group coaching experience for

doulas who are ready to level up.

DoulaBoss Society

DoulaBoss Society offers limited spacing so that members have the opportunity to connect, create relationships and support one another in their business building efforts.

Monthly doula masterminds, Q/A’s with industry experts and live coaching makes this a fully supported growth opportunity.

If you are fully invested in making doula-work your full time gig then DoulaBoss Society is the place for you.

Mini-Course & Resource Collection

a la carte knowledge for your learning &

business growing pleasure.

Not the commitment type? No problem. Visit the Mini-Course and Resource collection to find quick, implementable business-builders from social media training to customizable forms and templates.

Choose from the current collection:

  • Instagram for Doulas Masterclass
  • Batching Your Content
  • The DTB Vault

New courses and resources added regularly.


Doula Coaching & Mentoring

coaches need coaches.

Sometimes you just need someone to help you get your message out into the world. Maybe it’s implementation and setting up your biz, maybe it’s scaling and taking things to the next level. Maybe it’s just a little clarity and accountability. Doula Toolbox mentors are hand-picked and well versed in DTB business strategy (with ongoing mentorship for themselves) and bring their own beautiful and unique doula genius to every coaching client.


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